CNC milling and engraving machines Havok series

CNC milling machines of the series HAVOK thanks to a stable construction with movable table can withstand higher loads than standard machine tools - this is due to the fact that each drive unit is located directly on a robust frame. This makes it possible to precise mould and die machining.

Why buy our machine and what do you gain?

CNC machine tool HAVOK I mill, drill and engrave various materials. The milling-engraving machine has found its application in mints and plants producing specialised moulds, dies or casting forms. CNC machine tools from this series are ideal both for the production of large series elements, where it is required to continuity, speed i repeatability The company's products can be used for both the manufacture of parts and prototyping.

HAVOK is a CNC machine that will speed up your production. Watch it at work!

HAVOK is a CNC machine that will accelerate your production through fast and precise:

✓ Milling
✓ Engraving
✓ Drilling

The CNC milling machine in this series is mainly used in the moulding industry, tool making and prototyping shops.

Worked materials:
Steel, Metal, Aluminium, Brass, Bronze, Wood, Plywood, OSB, MDF, HDF, Composites, Conglomerate, Corian, HPL, Prolab, Polyurethane foam, Polystyrene, Dibond, Foamed PVC, Lignodur, Plexiglas, Polyurethane technical foam, Sponge, Cardboard, Paperboard, Foil, Polycarbonate, Acrylic, Leather, Textile, Rubber, Plastic, Kryngelite, Gambit, Polonit and other materials and boards

Explore the advantages Havok

Robust construction and a range of high-tech solutions ensure the quality and efficiency of your production.

Cable protector - Patent P.398047

It is a patented need to protect the least vital elements of CNC machine construction (cabling). The protector multiplies the life of the machine by taking care of the proper position of the cabling, prevents abrasion, bulging and consequently damages the installation. It directly protects cable bundles from external trauma and mechanical factors and extends the life of all electronics by isolating electrostatics. Plot Electronics is the only company in the country to use its own patented solutions in its designs.

HM technology

Combining multiple materials in the right way during the hybridisation process gives a material whose properties and strength are 1250% greater than those of the constructions created at the time, in a way that has remained constant for 50 years.

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The CNC machine tools in this series are ideal both for large series production, where continuity, speed and repeatability of parts are required, and for prototype machining.

Havok data sheet

✓ PDF with data sheet to download and others on special customer request.