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Cutting head model N

Cutting head of the latest generation of type N works by means of C axis on the spindle. Its innovation lies in the fact that it draws power directly from the spindle. The oscillating head works as an additional tool of the CNC machine tool and can be taken from the tool magazine. This is a practical solution and is often used in companies where cutting methods for various materials are used in addition to chip machining.

Activity description:

The machine uses a spindle drive and converts the rotary motion into a reciprocating motion, thus cutting materials with a cutting knife. The head is designed for cutting fabrics, rubbers , gaskets and other materials that can be cut.


✓ foams, sponges,
✓materials for sealing, even reinforced ones,
✓ cartons,
✓ insulation materials,
✓ leather, matting,
✓ films,
✓ rubber,
✓ clingerite and other materials for gaskets
✓ gambit
✓ Teflon
✓ rubber,
✓ corrugated cardboard,
and many other materials.


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