Offers for Machine Tools, Plotters, CNC Milling Machines

Discover the potential of advanced multifunctional devices, created with passion by the Polish company PLOT Electronics. With innovative solutions, you become the architect of modern production, ready to meet the diverse challenges of the market.
These CNC multifunction machines, also known as machine tools, plotters, milling machines or machining machines, are redefining standards of efficiency and precision in industry. Designed to meet the dynamic needs of today's businesses, they provide versatility, reliability and flexibility.
Join the ranks of entrepreneurs who are already harnessing the potential of technology by transforming their production. Invest in the future of your business by gaining a competitive edge with CNC Machine Factory - a partner that understands your needs and supports you on the path to success.
Production hall for cnc machine tools

CNC machine tools Sentinel N series

The Sentinel N series CNC machine tools are state-of-the-art CNC machines in line with the idea of the Fourth Industrial Revolution - Industry 4.0. The Sentinel N is a CNC machine tool with a versatile purpose - uncompromisingly designed with infinite expandability with multiple milling and cutting heads, adaptable to work in a wide variety of materials.

You don't have to buy many machines, but with a solid base you can retrofit such a machine tool with the required units for different machining processes. This is not versatility but modernity.

Jack Sentinel milling plotter

Milling plotters from the Sentinel Jack series are synonymous with speed, reliability and precision. The Sentinel Jack meets the highest standards required in manufacturing. Sentinel J milling plotters are changing the approach to production in many industries, adapting to the unique requirements of each field. This CNC machine's versatility, reliability and precision make it an indispensable element in the manufacturing process, providing a competitive edge and excellent part quality.
You can automate your production today, or wait until your competitors overtake you.

Minion CNC milling machine 

The Minion CNC series machine tools redefine the standards for CNC machines, offering a compact design and dedicated solutions for machining aluminium and steel. Precision and efficiency are key when talking about machining steel components, aluminium and many other materials. The parameterisation of the machines in this series allows them to be adapted to individual machining needs, even the most specific ones.
The concept behind the creation of the Minion CNC milling machine series is based on the automation and robotisation of work. Up to 24 machines can be involved in a single machining process, operated by a single loading and unloading robot. This innovative feature maximises production potential, increasing efficiency and saving time.
Housed in a robust enclosure, our milling machine is also ideal for educational applications in schools and workshops. The split 3-level monitor and camera system allow you to observe the machining process in detail, teaching and demonstrating it to its full extent. Enter the world of the Minion CNC Milling Machine and experience the revolution in CNC machining.

CNC milling plotters Sentinel E series

CNC milling plotters from the SENTINEL E series are ideal machines for high-speed nesting - the cutting of materials. Thanks to its unique lightweight yet rigid design, the machine achieves very fast idling and machining passes. This guarantees that jobs are completed quickly and accurately. This feature is particularly appreciated in the various cutting, engraving and drilling operations, where time is of the essence.

CNC milling and engraving machines Havok series

The CNC milling machines in the HAVOK series are able to withstand higher loads than standard CNC machine tools thanks to their stable construction with movable table - this is due to the placement of each drive directly on a solid frame. This makes precise machining of moulds and dies in steel or aluminium possible.

CNC 5-axis machine tools Sentinel N 5d series

Wherever speed of execution and reliability count - Sentinel N 5d is a production support and the perfect execution tool. Sentinel N 5d machine tools are a frequent production support in factories in Poland and abroad. Due to their relatively small size and high output, they are a powerful addition to any production. Often users of 5-axis machine tools are customers who have previously decided to buy 3-axis machine tools from this series and have expanded them. Often used for laminate moulds and work in panels and wood.

5-axis machining centre Haltor series

The Haltor series of five-axis machining centres are large-scale machine tools operating with High Speed Machine technology. The 5d CNC portal machine tools achieve high structural rigidity while remaining lightweight thanks to a specially designed structure and the use of proprietary Hybrid Monolith (HM) infill technology. This allows very high machining speeds to be achieved, while eliminating vibration and maintaining the desired accuracy. Most often used for the manufacture of large-size moulds, e.g. in boatbuilding, aviation, automotive

CNC cutting plotter Sentinel HAS series

Sentinel HAS CNC cutting plotters are a breakthrough in the CNC cutting machine market. They meet the unique expectations of customers for whom innovation and competitive advantage are a priority. Our specially designed Sentinel HAS series of cutters combines advanced technology with flexibility to meet the needs of users who are looking to the future.
Equipped with an automatic decoiler, these plotters can seamlessly cut long length materials such as sails, biogas plant domes or plastic roofing. Thanks to this innovative feature, the material is unrolled automatically from the roll and precisely cut to size, enabling efficient production to the highest standards. Experience the revolution in CNC cutting with Sentinel HAS plotters.