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experience. We are a Polish manufacturer offering a wide
a selection of CNC machines ready for series production and
tailored to the unique needs of clients.
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Versatility : Our range includes hundreds of machine models, including machine tools, milling machines, plotters, machining centres, lasers, plasma cutting machines and many non-standard CNCs, tailored to the
diverse industries: from automotive to carpentry.

Precision and personalisation : The dimensions and equipment of our machines are flexibly adapted to the customer's needs, guaranteeing perfect operation and compliance with individual requirements.

Advanced technologies : Our machines have 3 to 8 axes, with plasma, laser, cutting and creasing heads, overlaying, punching, chiselling, milling and
threading machines and CAD-CAM software.

If you are looking for CNC machines, CNC Machine Factory is your place
Target. Discover the potential of milling plotters, CNC machine tools,
machining centres and many other pieces of equipment that will change the way you
you run your production.

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their needs.
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The Sentinel is the best CNC machine according to the ranking of CNC machines 2021 and 2022

The patented invention of the Hybrid Monolith allows unparalleled performance of CNC machines. Thanks to this innovative technology, our machines are extremely rigid and lightweight at the same time, resulting in a significant increase in machining speed! The Hybrid Monolith is one of the key elements of our products, which has earned our company the recognition of customers from all over the world.
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Discover the secrets of CNC technology and learn the secrets of state-of-the-art numerical control machines. With our expert articles and advice, you will gain the knowledge to use the potential of CNC machines to their full potential. We look forward to seeing you!

Discover unique knowledge about machine tools and other CNC machines. Our team of experts creates specialist articles to expand your knowledge of CNC machining topics. We have over 20 years' experience in machine manufacturing and 18 years' experience in milling as an additional CNC service, on which we have tested our machines.

Discover the CNC machine tool experience with Plot Electronics - Numerical Control Machine Factory

As one of the oldest manufacturers of CNC machines in Poland, we have many years of experience and reputation, and all the machines we produce provide peace of mind for their owners while they work. Our machines go to manufacturing companies with quite a high production load. Thanks to many years of experience and dozens of our own technological solutions, we hold a leading position among CNC machine manufacturers in Poland. Our PLOT Electronics team is constantly working on upgrading the equipment we produce so that each machine supplied is fast and precise.

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CNC machine tool for steel, wood, stone

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