Factory Financing for CNC Machine Tools - Revolution in Industrial Development in Poland

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02 Mar 2024
Date of publication:
19 Nov 2023
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Factory finance industrial revolution

Faced with the economic challenges of 2023, Polish industrial entrepreneurs are facing a revolution in the financing of their businesses. The answer to these challenges is an innovative concept Factory Financewhich promises to transform the way we invest in CNC machines and cnc machine tools and other industrial equipment.

Flexibility in financing CNC machines

Factory Finance is a unique approach that combines equity, leasing and EU funds. It is hybrid financing that eliminates the lengthy procedures associated with EU grants, offering entrepreneurs flexibility and speed in their investment decisions.

Under this concept, companies submitting projects for an EU grant can already start ordering the necessary machinery and equipment at the application stage. This ground-breaking approach allows production processes to start immediately, which is crucial especially in a dynamic market environment.

A breakthrough in Entrepreneurs' Expectations

First concept Factory Finance was born out of the genuine needs of entrepreneurs, who were trapped between the need to invest and the time to wait for a subsidy decision. Such a situation not only delayed the development of companies, but also hampered the Polish economy. Entrepreneurs were forced to halt their development while waiting for the CNC machines, milling plotters and other industrial support equipment.

Factory funding removes this barrier, enabling entrepreneurs to respond instantly to market demand. Thanks to shortened financing procedures, entrepreneurs receive funds immediately. This allows investment decisions to be made quickly and avoids lengthy waits for EU decisions.

Development Finance Model

Concept Factory Finance is the result of a collaboration between two experts: Przemysław Szymański, a specialist in the engineering industry, and Kamil Rojek, a specialist in financial markets. Their joint initiative has the potential to revolutionise the Polish industry.

Procedure Factory Finance is still being developed, but already offers entrepreneurs the chance for immediate growth, regardless of EU decisions. It is not only a financial measure, but also an incentive to invest, moving away from bureaucratic delays to faster growth.

Benefits of Factory Financing for Polish Industry

Factory funding brings numerous benefits to Polish industry. Firstly, the shortened financing procedures eliminate the long delays associated with EU subsidies, enabling immediate action. Entrepreneurs gain not only time, but also the confidence to react quickly to changing market conditions.

Secondly, the hybrid financing model allows flexibility to adapt to different scenarios. In the event of receiving EU subsidyThe purchase will be financed with EU funds. In the event of a refusal, the entrepreneur can use own funds, a loan or leasing. This approach gives entrepreneurs more control over their investments.

Thirdly, Factory Financing is also an incentive for entrepreneurs to invest proactively. It offers an alternative to waiting a long time for grants, encouraging faster and more confident investment decisions.

The Future of Polish Industry in the Hands of Factory Finance

The Factory Finance concept is a promising step into the future for Polish industry. As the procedures and model are developed, it is becoming a powerful tool to support the growth and development of companies.

If you think Factory Financing is the key to the development of Polish industry, and an effective way to encourage entrepreneurs to invest without unnecessary delays, please share your opinion with us.

This innovative concept can become a driving force for the development of the economy. It shortens the path to new technologies and increases the competitiveness of Polish companies on the global market.

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