Production hall for cnc machine tools

Cooling lubricant dosing system

The oil mist supply is designed to feed cutting fluidsusing compressed air and oil mist during the production process. All milling plotters, CNC machine tools manufactured by Fabryka Maszyn CNC can be equipped with this device. The system of dosing the cooling preparation - oil mist is mainly used in the processes of machining (e.g. turning, milling, drilling). This system allows the use of special oil mixed with water to smending and cooling the working area of the cutter. The oil-water mixture is fed by compressed air via a pressure line to the cutting head through special nozzles. The unquestionable and main advantage that oil mist has is the very high cost-effectiveness factor of this method compared to others.

Brief description of the operating principle:

The principle of oil misting is based on turbulence in the coolant, which further results in the formation of an aerosol. The savings that result from the use of oil mist are achieved because a thin layer of oil is applied. It is used to lubricate machines, spindles and for cooling. A high efficiency is achieved so that higher cutting speeds can be used. In addition, this minimised lubrication technique extends tool life as well as enabling faster machining.