Offer CNC machine tools

Industrial robots manufactured by Polish company PLOT Electronics - thanks to them you can become an important manufacturer in the product manufacturing process, unknown to you before. Do not hesitate to check our offer of intelligent machines adapted to your needs and join the group of satisfied CNC operators!

CNC machine tools Sentinel N series

Sentinel N CNC machine tools are state-of-the-art CNC machines following the idea of the Fourth Industrial Revolution - Industry 4.0. Sentinel N is an all-purpose CNC machine - designed without compromise with the possibility of infinite expansion with multiple milling and cutting heads, adapted to work in various materials.

CNC Milling Plotters Sentinel E Series

The SENTINEL E series CNC milling plotters are ideal machines for fast nesting - cutting of materials. Thanks to its unique lightweight and rigid construction, the machine achieves very fast idle and machining passes. This guarantees fast and accurate work. This feature is particularly appreciated in the various cutting, engraving, drilling, wherever time is of essence.

CNC milling and engraving machines Havok series

CNC milling machines of the HAVOK series can withstand higher loads than standard machine tools thanks to their stable construction with movable table - this is due to the placement of each drive directly on the solid frame. This makes precise machining of moulds and dies possible.

5-axis CNC machine tools Sentinel N 5d series

Wherever speed of execution and reliability count - Sentinel N 5d is a production support and perfect execution tool. Sentinel N 5d machine tools are a frequent production support in factories in Poland and abroad. Due to their relatively small size and high output, they are a powerful addition to any production facility. The 5-axis machine tools are often used by customers who have previously decided to purchase 3-axis machine tools from this series.

Portal machines 5-axis Haltor series

The Haltor series of five-axis machining centres are large-sized machine tools operating in High Speed Machine technology. The 5d CNC portal machine tools achieve high structural rigidity while remaining lightweight thanks to a specially designed structure and the use of proprietary Hybrid Monolith (HM) infill technology. This makes it possible to achieve very high machining speeds while eliminating vibrations and maintaining the desired accuracy.