CNC ranking 2022, Which machines are worth buying?

This ranking is dedicated to showing the advantages and functions of Sentinel CNC machine tools

Why buy our machine and what do you gain?

PLOT Electronics CNC Machine Factory is one of 10 companies awarded as a company that has a direct impact on Polish Economy in terms of production and technological solutions offered. The machines manufactured by Fabryka Maszyn CNC are fully adapted to the requirements of Industry 4.0. The multi-tasking system, depending on the units you have, saves you money because you don't have to buy many machines - one Sentinel series replaces many different ones whenever you want. You can do everything with a high-tech design, with extraordinary rigidity you can machine the most durable materials, machining steel, cutting materials of considerable thickness, stone granite - all these materials are within your machining reach. In uncertain times you do not have to buy old solutions from outdated CNC machine manufacturers. You are free thanks to the possibility of working with many possibilities, which you do not have to have at once and which you can buy when the need arises without worrying about your future production.

Best CNC Machine

Sentinel is the best CNC machine according to the ranking of CNC machines 2021 and 2022

This is all thanks to the patented invention of the Hybrid Monolith

Innovative Technology

Hybrid Monolith™ - hybrid machine construction

Since 2005, the CNC Machine Factory is the only company in Europe that uses a process to stiffen its structures, after which the gate of the structure obtains a 1250% higher material parameters in relation to traditional machine tools and robots available on the market. The most significant advantage of the hybridisation process is the extraction of the best features from super materials. The direct result is an extraordinary stiffness, vibration damping, lightness i durability industrial robot. Machine tools of the CNC Machine Factory are the only ones in Europe with this innovative hybridisation technology. The entire door including the bases is flooded with a special reinforcement. The unique filling creates a monolith. As a result of laboratory tests, the resistance of the structure was found to be 12.5 times more resistant to torsion and deformation mechanical, in relation to other CNC machine tools and industrial robots. This has a direct effect on the speed and quality of the workpieces manufactured, enabling precise machining of materials such as aluminium, aluminium oxide, aluminium oxide and aluminium oxide. steel and ironIt also increases the speed of processing "light" materials such as sponge, plastics and foam. An industrial robot of this design and characteristics becomes a powerful a multi-creative machine.


Rigid construction

Thanks to the rigidity achieved through the use of technology Hybrid Monolith™- HM™The range of workpiece materials for machine tools and large machines is expanding.

Thanks to the lightweight construction - production time is reduced and the service life of the mechanical system is increased.

Thanks to its properties vibration damping - greater accuracy and consistency of parameters is achieved.

Thanks to sustainability - The service life of the entire machine is increased, which makes the investment more profitable and the customer buys peace of mind along with the machine.

Wide range of applications

Multi-material machining - the multi-manufacturing industrial robot

Industrial robots from our factory differ from other machines available on the market by the idea of operation. They should be treated as manipulators Industry 4.0 able to perform tasks depending on the head it has. The robot is able to perform many processes: Milling, Cutting, Bigging, Marking, Stamping, Punching, Stamping, Applying, Gluing, etc. The basic function is to mill materials starting with those "light", i.e. sponge, polystyrene, cardboard, plastic, wood, up to "heavy", i.e. steel, iron. Thanks to the universal properties of the machines, you can produce and manufacture on them goods hitherto unknown to you and become an important producer in a hitherto undiscovered product manufacturing process by joining the ranks of entrepreneurs Industry 4.0Our existing customers (click here to view their realisations), thanks to industrial robots from our CNC Machine Factory they have developed branches of industry, including the medical industry by producing medical accessories i medical prostheses, manufacturing industry (shipyards) supporting the production of the most complex and heavy steel structures. There is a reason why Sentinel is an industrial robot, a steel machine recommended by the Minister of Development.


We have a wide range of materials at our disposal and, on request, we are able to demonstrate the work of the machine on the material of your choice.

We have a wide range of materials at our disposal and, on request, we are able to demonstrate the work of the machine on the material of your choice.

Expansion of machinery

Multihead machine - quick machine changeover

Another unique feature of our machines is multitude of tools tools that can be used in the machining process. Starting from simple and typical tools used in industrial robots and CNC machines, i.e. drills, various types of milling cutters, to heavy and complex machining heads, 4th axis on the spindle, angle machining heads, oscillating heads, cutting heads, and creasing heads. We are the author and manufacturer of oscillating head i bigging (catalogue of available heads is available in our CNC shop) and our many years of experience in the industry enable us to produce them ensuring best performance of all those available on the market. Components used in them eliminate mechanical problems guaranteeing long and efficient operation even under the heaviest loads. The tool changing process is also an important element of the industrial robot. Thanks to the use of a specially designed tool magazine and fast machine passes, the time required for a tool change is reduced to minimum providing peace of mind i convenience operator. All heads are compatible with our tool magazine so the weight, type, type and size of the tool is not a problem when robotic tool changing.

Control and Precision

Machine control - speed and precision

CNC Machine Factory equips every industrial robot with a high-tech control system, which is the heart of the machine. It is responsible for communication between the user's interactions and the machine, generating the timing and direction signals of the stepper motors. The more technologically advanced the controller is, the more comfortable it is to work with the machine more precise, faster i minimises human errors. Controllers implemented by us in CNC machines are unrivalled in the rankings of CNC machines and they expand the possibilities of each machine tool operator. Thanks to a proprietary solution - connection of the control system with servo drives through the communication protocol PLINK Ethernet was able to increase the transmission rate between the interpolator and the servo drive to a cycle of 50 μs, which translates into a high sampling rate for the controllers (positioning) not worse than 50μs (20kHz). The use of numerous technological solutions allows the controller to support the control of 5 axes, including dual drive in the X2 or Y2 axis.

Intuitive Operation

Machine operation - intuitive approach, trouble-free operation

Industrial robots can be operated and controlled either from a control panel located directly on the machine or using a wired remote control module called Sentinel. Each machine is equipped with a wireless communication system to ensure operator comfort and flexibility. WiFi. This makes it possible to modern i innovative control method consisting of remote machine operation by using a laptop, tablet, smartphone or external computer. For this purpose, we provide special software for these devices which allows control the machine i keep it under control from anywhere in the world (internet access required). Thanks to a number of training courses at our company headquarters in Mazury, any beginner can become an operator by learning basic as well as advanced machining techniques. We make available training materials allow you to further develop your CNC knowledge and implement new ideas in the industrial market.

Robotisation and Automation

IoT application - a further step towards robotisation

Our system is widely used in the operation of the CNC machine and its auxiliary equipment IoT. We implement it as an additional and alternative technology handling i monitoring CNC robot. This system enables the condition of the machine environment to be continuously monitored by measuring the temperature, pressure, humidity and also the chemical composition of the air, in order to ensure that best conditions The system can be used by the machine operator and the material being measured. Exceeding the set measurement parameters triggers an alarm which can be received via smartphone, tablet or computer, regardless of where you are (internet access required). System IoT It also allows the selective switching on and off of machine elements so that the operator can maintain continuous monitoring over the machine. Industrial robot from the series Sentinel is ready for Industry 4.0. Does your existing machine tool meet these criteria?

Accurate Measurements

Measurement systems and sensors - Accuracy of machined materials

Measuring systems in industrial robots manufactured by the CNC Machine Factory include precise i requiringe sensors, whose accuracy, precision of information as well as method and speed of data transmission to the control unit determine the accuracy of the machine and testifies to its premium quality of the machines available on the CNC market. Thanks to the use of proprietary technology the connection of the sensors with the control system they are able to transmit measurements with an accuracy of 0.01mm - This includes measuring processes such as tool length, material thickness, speed, distance travelled, angle of rotation, zero point. By using such precise measuring elements in the machine, we are able to guarantee the highest accuracy when processing any type of material - from sponge to steel. Industry 4.0 is a revolution in industrial robotisation and we are ready for it.

Fastening Systems

Advanced workpiece clamping systems - your convenience

The way the workpiece is clamped and positioned on the machine determines speed i quality the work of the industrial robot and security operator's work. Our robots use advanced material clamping methods, depending on customer requirements. A good machine for steels i wood should be equipped with a hybrid vacuum table. Industrial robots of the series Sentinel use a vacuum system to hold any type of material offering the operator peace of mind and certainty during machining operations. The vacuum table can be divided into section so that the operator can position the workpiece freely and ensure the best possible grip. In addition to appropriate clamping, when designing our industrial robots we have taken great care to ensure that the material is correctly positioned on the table. For this purpose, we use base pinswhich can be easily controlled from the control panel. On the machines in the series Sentinel There was also an optional, intelligent video positioning system. The programme's algorithms read the camera image, recognise the material position and adapt the drawing in real time to the size and position of the material on the table. This saves time and makes working with the machine simple and intuitive. Such extras make the machine fast i precise.

Modern Software

Software - the second heart of the machine

When creating industrial robots, we are primarily concerned with ensuring speed of operation and trouble-free performance control software by implementing solutions Industry 4.0. We use only proven components that will not let the machine operator down even in the most demanding moments of interaction with the machine. By using the latest generation of processors and super-fast M.2 SSD drives, we are able to guarantee the speed and reliability of the control unit. All the devices that we attach to the machines are controlled by a single program, which makes Sentinel highly intuitive industrial robotGraphical interaction with the user is enabled by the software cncGraF offering min:
→ Intelligent height correction of the material by scanning the workpiece surface,
→ Integrated CAD module,
→ Path optimisation with smoothness function increasing the speed of curve travel,
→ Support for 4 and 5 axes,
→ Complete 2D/3D visualisation of the workpiece,
→ Correction tool with graphic preview,
→ G-Code integrated text editor,
→ Z2 rotary axis support and much more.
AI algorithms automatically adapt their speed to the curve, ensuring smooth running of the machine and reducing "jerking" with erroneous data. The control system, thanks to its precision and such low latency (communication PLINK) is one of the best to ensure reliable operation and the latest Firmware updates ensure safety and peace of mind for the operator.

Security systems

Machine safety systems - The machine is your friend

The safety features used in our industrial robots are modern, multi-level systems that maximise guarantee work safety operator. The control software incorporates a number of options to ensure safety. The programme allows the creation of safety zones and exclusion areas. Exceeding predefined limit parameters causes the machine to stop immediately. This will enable even a novice CNC operator to produce without specialist knowledge. Entering inappropriate or unauthorised parameters will prevent the machine from starting and the relevant information will be displayed on the screen. Emergency stop switches located on the machine and on the control panel allow the work to be stopped immediately at any time. The design and operation of the barriers is based on advanced sensors optoelectronic and electromagnetic. The reliability of their operation, combined with safety relays, prevents the barrier from being breached during machine operation. Thanks to these features, the machine meets most safety standards ensuring that each operator security work.

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