CNC Machine Factory at Metaltech Trade Fair

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05 Feb 2024
Date of publication:
29 Jan 2023
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Minion CNC milling machine at Metaltech fair - Przemysław Szymański founder with his son Michał
Metaltech trade fair
CNC Machine Factory

The Minion CNC milling machine made its debut at Metaltech. 
It was exhibited at the stand of the Metalworking Cluster to which the factory belongs.
CNC machines. It was the first time that a trade fair with such a profile was held. We proudly presented
this model of CNC Milling Machine and we did not expect such a big success in the 
interest. It is a unique milling machine with an interesting design and many 
machining capabilities. The design is based on a modified Havok Milling Machine Model,
which has served reliably for 15 years, but this one has been adapted to the present day where the
Robotisation of CNC workstations is a necessity and is designed to be able to with
easily interface with production systems. The idea has changed the panel
control unit into a versatile and parameterised multifunctional console with any
shared layouts for better production coordination, organising it
and makes it more efficient. The advantages of the Minion CNC milling machine include the ability to combine
workstations where several machine tools can work simultaneously and be operated by
a single operator or a remote operator. With a robotic station
it is possible to set up cnc machine tools in a circular arrangement of 64 workstations or more and only
with a single infeed/outfeed robot, it offers unlimited manufacturing possibilities
in an easily organised and least costly manner.

Fitting the device with a desktop allows multifunctionality and transparency
activities where the product will work for small companies and the projects will no longer be on the
sheets and in a digital form easy to analyse, in larger companies it will enable
is to install production systems with easy visibility and systems to
automatic monitoring of machine conditions and performance, which is within the scope of the
Industry 4.0 In addition, the cnc device is sized to be brought in through doors
with a size of 90cm for the interior of buildings and placing them due to their light weight
ceramic castings from which it is made, on the floors of the buildings. This
also the ideal CNC training machining centre for teaching at the same time
present different software or display and compare videos of processing and
different parameters that the trainee has adopted. It has an interesting design that encourages
job training and curious about the possibilities.

The milling machine is produced in 3 variants:

  • As a production milling machine for small businesses, prototyping and education
  • As a high-capacity, 24-hour production machining centre
  • As an automatic multifunction machine tool in a multi-station robotic system
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