CNC Machines Factory

As one of the oldest manufacturers of CNC machines in Poland, we have many years of experience and reputation. CNC machines manufactured by Fabryka Maszyn CNC go to high-tech manufacturing and corporate companies, whose one goal is to improve production and increase it seamlessly generating profits. CNC machine tools from CNC Machine Factory easily achieve these goals.

Our History

2001 - 2022 CNC

CNC Machines Factory - PLOT Electronics was established almost 20 years ago and is one of the first companies to manufacture CNC Machines in their entirety. During this time we have produced over 800 machines with a wide range of applications and sizes.
2002 - 2006

Manufacture of cnc printing machines of bolted construction, from aluminium profiles. An important change in production took place in 2006, when aluminium structures were replaced by steel structures. Earlier designs, full documentation of cnc plotters on aluminium structures were published free of charge for general use by amateurs and cnc enthusiasts. We are proud of the development of this branch of engineering and wish the competition their own designs, not based on the patents developed by the CNC Factory.

2006 - 2011

Many new models of cnc machines, milling machines, cnc machine tools, milling plotters and plasma cutters were introduced. In the search for a design which would be robust and resistant to the elements and fate, rack and pinion drives, wishbone systems, hybrid design, hybrid table, oscillating heads, and other technological solutions were developed, on which the current machine models are based. The most resistant design was named Sentinel and was put into mass production, as well as undergoing numerous tests in the established service department. Providing CNC milling services, the greatest experience in machining was gained, which allowed the creation of better machines.

2011 - 2015

The series-produced Sentinel model achieved an excellent reputation, reliability and became a cult CNC machine, with all the machines produced working reliably for over 15 years. This model was copied by the competition and came to the Polish market in an unacceptable design and at a significantly lower price, which tempted many customers but worsened the quality of the CNC market in Poland. This prompted Plot Electronics to continue development work on super CNC machines that would not be copied by the competition. Fiber Laser Cutting Machines were developed at this time as well as new models of large size machines - Haltor and Sentinel N and E. These machines have very advanced structures with extraordinary rigidities, far from the known solutions of the competition. Several classes of Sentinel models have been created, starting with the E with parameters better than the best known machines on the market and the Sentinel N with extraordinary machining capacities allowing large size machining in materials such as steel, stone, granite. It is considered to be the best CNC machine with unconventional possibilities and the way of working with many machining processes, cutting, creasing, stamping and the technology and the way of working of multitasking is just entering as a standard into the price lists of the competitors. The Sentinel N was recognised as the best machine and was awarded the title of "Product of Warmia and Mazury". Moreover, so many machining technologies and methods have been developed for this model to stay one step ahead of the competition and deliver the most reliable CNC machines that can confidently compete with the world's leading manufacturers.

2015 - 2020

At Plot Electronics the entire machine park was replaced and production was based on the Sentinel N. All parts began to be made on these great machines, to which the company owes its growth. All frames were machined on the Sentinel N, which is designed to handle the same dimensions as its base, with mechanical accuracies of up to 0.01mm, unrivalled in this class. Such high accuracies are based on HM technology, which we have patented. It is subjected to a heavy process of reinforcements, material chemistry and structures based on super materials with a high Young's modulus, several times exceeding the parameters of structural steel, from which competing devices are made. When purchasing a device, the customer does not spend money but invests, as the structures look to the future and will be functional even in several decades, without deformation, deformation or loss of parameters. Solid construction, solid foundation.

2020 - 2022

The company is undergoing a generational transformation, shaping a young team of employees and developing manufacturing technologies to enable building based on procedures rather than experience, doubling production. The modernisation of all models introduces a new look and allows universal production based on multiple parts suppliers, improving production efficiency. The machine designs have features that allow for quick adaptation of components due to design considerations allowing for changes in drive trains and transmission, thus highlighting the superiority of the technological solutions over other brands. At this time, a production complex is built with a target production area of 7500m2, enabling the production of machines at the level of world demand, which, due to the increasing shortage of human resources, have to base their production on CNC machines. The control capabilities take on a remote form, allowing greater efficiency, while the focus on Industry 4.0 and the advanced development of capabilities eliminate human error, allowing operators with little experience to operate. Installed safety features enable effective machining by a cadre of setters rather than operators. A new machine model is launched, the Sentinel H, with dimensions and machining capabilities that rival the world's top brands in the premium sector as large-format machining centres. At the same time, the company is recruiting distributors for the overseas markets of England, Germany and Ireland. Machines from Sentinel series are beginning to be appreciated on foreign markets and show their advantage over the competition, often increasing their market value as customer's capital and give prestige from owning Machines from CNC Factory - Plot Electronics.


We would like to invite you to our new premises at 8 Sybiraków Street, 11-500 Giżycko. We are aware of the fact that the region, in which we produce CNC devices, is difficult and poor in technology and oriented at tourism, from which it is difficult to make a living in the off-season. This reassures us that the advanced technology and solutions we have at our disposal contribute to the development of the region, and the low-tech macroeconomic location drives us to continually strive to create the best and unique CNC machines. We also strive for distance to profitability issues for the customer we cannot let down.

CNC Machine Tools Factory - manufacturer of numerical machine tools

As one of the oldest manufacturers of CNC machines in Poland we have many years of experience and reputation. The machines produced by the CNC Machines Factory go to various production companies and their owners, together with the machine, have also bought peace of mind.

Many years of experience of the company, several dozen of our own technological solutions allow us to take a leading position among manufacturers of CNC machines in Poland, however we are constantly working on improvement of our machines.

Why us?

High Quality

Attractive price





High Quality

High quality of CNC machines

Manufactured by CNC Machine Factory CNC milling machines have retained highest quality standards. Detailed quality control is maintained at every stage of the production process. The equipment created at the CNC Machine Factory has a solid base and the best components. For years, the company has relied on reliable global brands to maintain its leadership position and set new trends in the CNC market.

Hybrid Monolith™

It allows achieving very high rigidity of the machine without unnecessary weight. This allows fast and accurate machining of even the most demanding and hard materials - a solution that has earned a worldwide reputation for innovation.

Structural Control Arm™

They reinforce kinematics and mechanics. They eliminate vibrations, compensate for mechanical deviations and temperature influences, making machining more accurate and efficient.

Cable Protector™

Patented solution CNC Machine Factories which protects the least vital part of the machine - the cabling. It protects the cable harnesses from external injuries that may occur during material processing.

With these applications and many more, the equipment manufactured by the CNC Machine Factory gives your business guarantee of quality and reliability. Milling plotters, CNC machine tools, cutting plotters, milling machines manufactured by PLOT Electronics produce thousands of components in various industries for various purposes and applications. They can be seen in everyday life as well as in advanced technologies not yet available to the public.

CNC machines as production manipulators

Machines from the CNC Machine Factory differ from other machines available on the market in the idea of operation. They should be treated as manipulators able to perform tasks depending on the head they have.
We are able to carry out processes on a single machine such as:


The basic function is milling of various materialsThis gives the customer a wide range of material processing options. As a manufacturer of CNC machines, we have taken a risk by rebuilding our production line to make machines with such a design and concept of operation. Thanks to this, the company is now leaderwhere the thought of having one device with variable functioning and high performance capabilities, prevails over the formulation of universality, which is a compromise in competitive solutions.

Robustness of workmanship

Reliability of the services provided

The CNC Machine Factory team is a harmonious and experienced team, which guarantees robustness of the device. Currently, the CNC Machine Factory is capable of producing 10 machines at a time, which are then subjected to thorough testing - quality control is present at every stage of production. We can offer you the most efficient and rigid machines on the Polish market.

Today, PLOT Electronics' machines successfully compete with the most advanced solutions from global and European brands. Speed, accuracy, power and stability The solutions used by the CNC Machine Factory have already been appreciated by hundreds of customers over the years. Many years of experience and relevant modern constructional solutions allow to grant the warranty for the product with service care, including remote care, even up to 10 years.

PLOT Electronics is a member of the Metalworking Cluster

Customer feedback

User references

Thanks to the positive feedback from users of machines manufactured by PLOT Electronics, the factory can further develop and create applications for new customers. References from all customers of the CNC Machine Factory are valuable signposts for new customers. There is nothing more valuable before buying a machine as direct opinion of a user of the equipment. Previous machine series have enjoyed huge 20-year reliabilityand the product is virtually non-existent in the secondary market. The CNC Machine Factory enables direct Contact between customers, which is in itself the best reference for the CNC equipment produced.

Affordable prices for machinery

Reasonable price

The price of a machine manufactured by the CNC Machine Factory is always low in relation to the benefits obtained. It is, above all, adequate to the production capacity of the machines and their functionality. The cost of CNC machine tools produced by the CNC Machine Tool Factory is incomparable to the benefits of having such equipment in your production plant.
CNC machine tools, milling plotters, cutting plotters thanks to their perfect construction, reliable components will not stop your production. The value of the equipment grows over the years due to numerous advantages and durability for which the company is known and appreciated.

CNC Machine Factories help you find the best financing solution on the market leasing for CNC equipment.

If you would like to see a leasing simulation prepared by our consultants offers Contact Customer Service

You can be sure that every order you undertake will be completed on time and with high quality, and your business will gain a host of new contractors. CNC machines manufactured by PLOT Electronics are especially appreciated in times of shortage on the labour market. CNC machine tools are gradually displacing human labour from most of the country's plants. This reduces labour costs. Time, too, is not a price to be paid, but when you buy a machine offered by the CNC Machine Factory you will have definitely more of it.

Appropriate Process

Safety above all

The CNC Machine Factory ensures safety at every stage of cooperation with a customer. The first step is the selection of the optimum equipment for a given production. Technicians and engineers show you which machine will fully meet your needs. The production line of the machines is based on self-manufactured machinesThey are used by operators to improve the process and by technicians to improve the machine. Components are used from the leaders, where the purchase of replacements in the future and in an emergency should not be a problem in any country. The customer feels the guarantee of safety also when taking delivery of the machine. The training staff of the CNC Machine Factory pass on the knowledge substantive and practical The principles of occupational health and safety, the functionality of the machine control system and the basic principles of operating a CNC machine.

Practical training is carried out on the customer's actual machine. CNC Machine Factory operators - will also help to choose appropriate machining tools The machine can be used for specific materials and the most common machining techniques to make working on the machine easier.

Reliable Guarantee

Reliable service

The CNC Machine Factory also offers warranty service, which can be extended up to 5 years. We also provide post-warranty service and ensure constant access to machine components which wear out during operation. PLOT Electronics cooperates with the world's best brands, so the access to components is not limited and generally available on the market. Production safety is ensured by remote maintenance - which is often practised during the first steps of working with CNC machines. In addition, customers can count on training materials for practical oscillating cutting Very difficult materials - CNC Machine Factory provides free materials describing particular cutting technologies.