Portal machines 5-axis Haltor series

Five-axis machining centres of the series Haltor are large-size machine tools working with technology High Speed Machine. Portal machine tools 5d CNC achieves high structural rigidity while maintaining a lightweight structure through specially designed construction and proprietary infill technology Hybrid Monolith (HM). This makes it possible to achieve very high machining speeds, while eliminating vibrations and maintaining the desired accuracy.

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Large machine dimensions five-axis make it have closed working spaceThe gantry machines are designed to protect the operator and other areas from dust and production residue. Portal machine tools of the series HALTOR shall be placed on a levelled base, permanently anchored The machine is anchored to the ground by means of anchors. The machine's large cubic capacity enables the machining of very impressive moulds and models, which are increasingly in demand on world markets. Five-man machine HALTOR is equipped with right angle correction systemwhich allows stepless adjustment of the machine right angle between the X and Y axes, thus increasing accuracy machine and does not make the quality of workmanship dependent on the age of the machine and its components.

Protection of the operator and protection of other premises from dust and production spoil
Right Angle Correction System that allows infinitely variable adjustment of the machine right angle between the X and Y axes, increasing machine accuracy

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HALTOR is a portal CNC machine that will expand your production capabilities by enabling fast and accurate production:

Spatial models
Wooden elements and sculptures
Specialist large moulds
Moulds, injection moulds

This five-axis machine is equipped with a specialised five-axis head which
allows work with spindles with power from 7kW to 20kW on a cone HSK F63.

Worked materials: Steel, Metal, Aluminium, Brass, Bronze, Wood, Plywood, OSB, MDF, HDF, Composites, Conglomerate, Corian, HPL, Prolab, Polyurethane foam, Polystyrene, Dibond, Foamed PVC, Lignodur, Plexiglas, Polyurethane technical foam, Sponge, Cardboard, Foil, Polycarbonate, Acrylic, Leather, Fabric, Rubber, Plastic, Kryngelite, Gambit, Polonite and other materials and boards

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HALTOR is a portal CNC machine that will expand your production capacity by enabling fast and accurate production

Structural control arm system

The machine can be equipped with linear or carousel tool storage, which significantly reduces tool changeover time. The portal machine may also be equipped with specialised CAD/CAM software to create complex models and moulds. The software is selected according to the specifics of the industry.

More and more companies are recognising the need to equip their machinery with large five-axis machine tools our production. This is the first step towards independence of production from subcontractors. Research and development centres are often set up on the basis of these machines, where new ideas and inventions are created. The large size of the machine and its production capacity allow for the manufacture of various components with very complex shapes and purpose. It is a machine that is not afraid of production challenges. It was created to meet the expectations of the most demanding customers.

Working areas Machines are also selected according to the needs of a given production. CNC PLOT Electronics factory will adapt the machine for each production area and customer need.

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SENTINEL Haltor machine accessories

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Available working dimensions of the Haltor Sentinel Series

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