CNC machine tools Sentinel N series

CNC machine tools of the series Sentinel N These are modern CNC machines in line with the idea of the Fourth Industrial Revolution - Industry 4.0. Sentinel N is an all-purpose CNC machine - uncompromisingly designed with the possibility of infinite expansion with a number of milling and cutting heads, adapted to work in a wide variety of materials.

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Why buy our machine and what do you gain?

CNC milling machines Sentinel N These are numerical machine tools operating in the 3-axis system as standard - retrofitting of this model with a rotary head, the so-called "head of rotation", is also possible. 4 C axis on the spindle allows working with various aggregates milling, drillingbending at an angle, CNC saws, CNC cutting head, creasing machinethread cutter, drag knife.

For users of these devices, this means in practice the purchase of modern equipment that has the ability to adaptations for any production condition according to demand. The 3 axis machine can be adapted to a CNC milling machine at any time 4 axes and 5 axes. As the only construction in Poland, this machine has such a universal adaptation to working conditions. This approach enables the creation of 1, instead of 2 separate production lines. This translates directly into a reduction of production costs in each plant.

Can be adapted to a CNC milling machine at any time 4 axes and 5 axes
This approach enables 1 instead of 2 separate production lines

Sentinel N is the most powerful CNC machine on the market. Watch it at work!

Intelligent CNC machining centres of the series Sentinel N are the ideal solution for introducing Industry 4.0 In every company, they enable the implementation of significant changes in production processes. They increase the productivity of any production and enable very easy and flexible changes in the assortment of workpieces (possibility of machining steel elements and cutting leather 4 C axis)The best proof of the reliability and versatility of these machines are references and opinions satisfied customers.
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Machine for Most demanding

CNC machine tool Sentinel N is a machine that combines powerful performance with refined style and modern technology. It provides its users with a guarantee of perfectly executed works and multiplied profits. With its help, production becomes something pleasant and peaceful.

The basis is robust foundation

All designs of CNC machine tools of the series Sentinel N are based on innovative technology Hybrid Monolith - HM. Since 2005, the CNC Machine Factory is the only company in Europe that uses a process to stiffen its structures. 1250% higher material parameters in relation to traditional machine tools. The most significant advantage of the hybridisation process is the acquisition of the best characteristics of the super materials bonded. The direct result is an extraordinary stiffness, vibration damping, lightness and strength. The machine tools of the CNC Machine Factory are the only ones in Europe with this innovative hybridisation technology, which is reliable.

Technology Hybrid Monolith

Thanks to the rigidity achieved through the use of technology Hybrid Monolith - HMThe range of workpiece materials for large machine tools is expanding.

Due to lightnessThis reduces production time and increases the service life of the mechanical system.
Thanks to its properties vibration damping - greater accuracy and consistency of parameters is achieved.
Thanks to sustainability - The service life of the entire unit is increased, which makes the investment more worthwhile.

The entire door including the bases is flooded with special reinforcement. The unique filling creates a monolith. As a result of laboratory tests, the resistance of the structure was found to be 12.5 times more resistant to torsion than other CNC machine tools. This has a direct effect on the speed and quality of the parts produced. Moreover, CNC machine tools of the series SENTINELN thanks to their great rigidity, are structurally prepared to adapt the machine to work with five-axis heads.

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Robust construction and a range of high-tech solutions ensure the quality and efficiency of your production.

Machine base

The irregular shape of the bases prevents mechanical deformation. Dissipates bending forces. Stabilises the weight distribution of the machine reducing inertia. In the final stage, the workpieces are paired and machined simultaneously from a single fixture, ensuring accuracy and high quality at the mechanical level of the machine. This design allows the creation of machines with high power and high machining area. Fabryka Maszyn CNC is the only company in Poland to use irregular shaped bases in its machines, which makes further adaptations to the production needs possible.

Structural control arm system

Structural control arms are components of machine construction based on shapes - ribs and expansion cuts. They strengthen mechanics and kinematics. They eliminate vibrations, compensate for mechanical deviations (fits) and influence of temperature. Significantly increase the service life of equipment. They eliminate backlash which occurs during years of use. In the event of a collision, the rocker arm components absorb impact forces and protect mechanics and components. They ensure the stability and smooth running of the machine.

Cable protector - Patent P.398047

It is a patented need to protect the least vital elements of CNC machine construction (cabling). The protector multiplies the life of the machine by taking care of the proper position of the cabling, prevents abrasion, bulging and consequently damages the installation. It directly protects cable bundles from external trauma and mechanical factors and extends the life of all electronics by isolating electrostatics. Plot Electronics is the only company in the country to use its own patented solutions in its designs.

HM technology

Combining multiple materials in the right way during the hybridisation process gives a material whose properties and strength are 1250% greater than those of the constructions created at the time, in a way that has remained constant for 50 years.

Automatic door angle compensation system

It ensures automatic adjustment to right angles between the X and Y axes, which increases the accuracy of the machine and does not depend on the years of work or the conditions in which the machine has been operating.

Sentinel N - One machine with many possibilities

SENTINEL N series CNC machine tools develop the production capabilities of their users. By using dedicated accessories, they become multifunctional production manipulators. The 3-axis machine can be expanded to work in 4 or 5 axes, it can be a milling machine, and it can also cut, crease, cut at an angle, apply, engrave, scan or emboss. It is the only multifunctional production manipulator in Poland.

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CNC machine tools Sentinel N are machines that combine productive power with refined style and state-of-the-art technology. Sentinel N It is the most powerful machine on the market, built with the best components, ensuring the most accurate work and the fastest preparation times. Sentinel N is the secure future of production in the Industry 4.0 concept.

Workpiece materials: Wood, Plywood, OSB, MDF, HDF, Metal, Aluminium, Brass, Bronze, Composites, Conglomerate, Corian, HPL, Prolab, Polyurethane foam, Polystyrene, Dibond, Foamed PVC, Lignodur, Plexiglas, Polyurethane technical foam, Sponge, Cardboard, Paperboard, Foil, Polycarbonate, Acrylic, Leather, Fabric, Rubber, Plastic, Kryngelite, Gambit, Polonite and other materials and boards

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Speed of earning is dependent on milling speeds - SENTINEL N is the fastest milling plotter on the market.

Sentinel N machine tool working dimensions available

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