CNC Milling Plotters Sentinel E Series

Series milling plotters SENTINEL E are ideal for fast nesting - cutting materials. Thanks to the unique - light but rigid construction, the machine achieves very rapid idling and machining runs. This guarantees fast and accurate work. This feature is particularly appreciated in the various cutting, engraving and drilling operations and where time is of the essence.

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CNC milling plotters in the series Sentinel E are ideal for quick nesting - cutting of materials. It is particularly suitable for use in carpenter's workshops, advertising agencies, prototyping shops, workshops specialising in CNC machining and the rapidly growing construction industry. It is a machine that is ideal for nesting Chipboard, MDF, Dibond, Plabond, HPL and many other materials used in many industries. The processing areas of the Sentinel E series cnc machines are matched to the dimensions of commercial industrial and furniture panels. Plotter Sentinel E appears as a machine 3 or 4 axes with the possibility of expanding with a cutting function. The machine is fast This enables relief and spline shapes to be produced without changing the tool, e.g. with a cutter with rounded corners, and at the same time cutting. The working range in this series of machines in the axis Z is normally 300mm.

3 or 4
Axial with optional cutting function
Working range of the machine
Supports aggregates: CNC saws, cutting headsthreading heads, blunting heads.

The Sentinel E is the fastest milling plotter on the market. Watch it at work!

Sentinel E is a professional machine that represents uncompromising production value because it is based on AC servo technology. Machines of this type do not lose their value because they are the productive force and capital of the company. Thanks to its unique design light, a rigid machine Sentinel E achieves very fast idling and machining runs. This guarantees that tasks are carried out quickly and accurately. This feature is particularly appreciated in the various cutting, engraving, drilling of various materials, in all the places where time is of the essence. The machine has rapid acceleration - Thanks to this it will do many times more work than the old design solutions. The top-class linear guides and helical rack system increase the service life of the machine and guarantee continuous operation for many years.

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Robust construction and a range of high-tech solutions ensure the quality and efficiency of your production.

Structural control arm system

Structural control arms are components of machine construction based on shapes - ribs and expansion cuts. They strengthen mechanics and kinematics. They eliminate vibrations, compensate for mechanical deviations (fits) and influence of temperature. Significantly increase the service life of equipment. They eliminate backlash which occurs during years of use. In the event of a collision, the rocker arm components absorb impact forces and protect mechanics and components. They ensure the stability and smooth running of the machine.

Cable protector - Patent P.398047

It is a patented need to protect the least vital elements of CNC machine construction (cabling). The protector multiplies the life of the machine by taking care of the proper position of the cabling, prevents abrasion, bulging and consequently damages the installation. It directly protects cable bundles from external trauma and mechanical factors and extends the life of all electronics by isolating electrostatics. Plot Electronics is the only company in the country to use its own patented solutions in its designs.

HM technology

Combining multiple materials in the right way during the hybridisation process gives a material whose properties and strength are 1250% greater than those of the constructions created at the time, in a way that has remained constant for 50 years.

Automatic door angle compensation system

It ensures automatic adjustment to right angles between the X and Y axes, which increases the accuracy of the machine and does not depend on the years of work or the conditions in which the machine has been operating.

Sentinel E - The CNC machine that will improve your production, save you time and money

Standard Sentinel E is equipped with a vacuum table with vacuum capability. Choice of two clamping methods - vacuum and vacuum. Plotters in this series have a mechanical system dust resistantThey are not only resistant to wood dusts, but also to gypsum and composite dusts. All machines in the series E are equipped with helical strips and digital servo drives. The reputation of the world brands used as machine components guarantees continuous access to spare parts, even for many years.

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Speed of earning is dependent on milling speeds - SENTINEL E is the fastest milling plotter on the market.

Sentinel E series machine tool working dimensions available

✓ PDF file with data sheet to download. Other CNC machine dimensions available on special order