Spindles with pneumatic tool change

The entire tool changing system is shortening production time, the production cycle and assistance in working on the CNC machine. Simplifies the operation of the CNC machine tool by the operator - it consists in tool change during machining. Here we can use tools for roughing followed by tools for fine machining. Depending on the possibilities we can choose from 6-7 banks of tools. In this way we achieve a "strip" production process. There is no need to set tool parameters or calibrate the machine.

The system includes:
✓ special spindle with automatic tool changing (ATC) function,
✓ tool shed (tool bank),
✓ tool height sensor (or Z axis sensor),

wrzeciona z pneumatyczna wymiana narzedzia ploter do obrabiarki cnc

Number of tool banks we can customise to customer needs - The limitation is the width of the work table in the case of a linear warehouse. Another solution is to use a carousel magazine.

Spindles with pneumatic tool changing available from 5,5kW to 20kW.